Our vision
Inseye pushes XR boundaries with our ultra-low power, camera-free eye-tracking technology. We're an ideal partner for tech giants to create immersive, efficient, hands-free XR experiences. Our potent hardware and software use deep neural networks and ML for precise real-time gaze tracking. With Inseye, experience the XR future today and help shape the unimaginable.
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AR Solution

Elevate your AR platform with our breakthrough, feather-light eye-tracker. Offering effortless, hands-free interaction with a power footprint of just 5mW, it's the key to unlocking next-level AR experiences. Partner with us to redefine the AR frontier - seamless, immersive, and simply extraordinary.

VR Solution

Experience real-time, zero-latency tracking at an ultra-high 1000Hz sampling frequency, enabling predictive foveated rendering for more immersive and efficient VR experiences. With a power consumption of just 50mW, and low BOM costs Inseye outperforms traditional camera-based systems, offering the ideal solution for next-gen VR.


AR use cases

Gaze-Controlled Interface
Harness the potential of our eye-tracking technology with intuitive gaze-activated controls in AR. Simply focus to bring forth a wealth of information. From time and speed to cognitive load analysis - our tech empowers hands-free, natural AR navigation, and interaction.
Interactive overlay
Interact smarter with our eye-tracking technology. Experience Gaze-Based Notifications that respond to your attention, revealing more as you look. Hover over an item, and watch details unfold - a simple, intuitive, hands-free way to engage with AR.
Eye-Guided Scrolling
Unlock a seamless AR experience with our eye-tracking technology. Our Gaze-Based Scrolling offers an intuitive way to navigate content. Just direct your gaze - look down to scroll, right to pan. Experience natural, hands-free AR navigation like never before.

VR use cases

Predictive Foveated Rendering in VR Gaming
Boost your VR gaming experience with Inseye's foveated rendering. Our eye-tracker,  accurately predicts your gaze, allowing for real-time adjustment of graphics. The result?
High-definition focus where you gaze and less peripheral detail, lowering GPU load for smoother, richer gaming experiences. Explore uncharted territories - all in stunning, immersive detail. With Inseye, VR gaming is reimagined.
Social interaction in VR
Inseye mirrors the expression of your eyes onto the avatar's face in real time, making it more natural. This allows other users to identify your attention, attitude, and emotional states. NPCs can also behave more authentically since they are aware of your gaze. With Inseye Journey, the whole VR world starts feeling more genuine.

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